What is Viewability?

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What is Viewability?

Ad viewability is an internet campaign metric that considers only the ads actually viewed by users. It’s a trend in today’s online market because it allows you to measure your impressions – going beyond the delivered impressions.

How can I validate the ad view?

Each company has its own technique for measuring the viewability of an ad. Google, the largest viewability reference in the market, takes into consideration parameters such as the percentage of the ad that is visible on the screen and the time that ad was visible on the user’s screen.

Google follows the definition suggested by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Rating Council (MRC) that an ad is only visible when 50% of the pixels are visible on the user’s screen for a minimum of 1 second. Without a universal measurement method, it is impossible to determine the true value of a truly visualized impression.

For this reason, there are many conflicts between the number of impressions counted by the players and the adservers, which are servers dedicated to the delivery, tracking and management of digital advertising that provide reports on the performance of the campaign.

Publya uses the technology of Peer39 (Sizmek), Double Verify and Integral Ad Science to optimize campaigns so that they are delivered to sites that are more likely to offer higher viewability rates.